Colorado New Home Builder

Albano Homes is a small design-build, custom and luxury Colorado new home builder in the Colorado Springs area. Since 1972 Al Albano been building custom and luxury homes in both the pre-sold and spec-home markets. He is a third-generation carpenter and home builder who learned the building trade in an old-school building environment and has built homes in the Chicago, Greensboro, and Colorado Springs areas. Along with his family, Al has been building in the Colorado Springs area since 1992. He built his first home in Elgin, Illinois when he was 20 years old, and has been building custom and luxury homes ever since.



We have worked with Al at the Planning Department in regard to several construction projects.  We have always found him to be thorough and well prepared.  Al anticipates potential problems and brings them to our attention, so we may handle them together quickly and efficiently.  He is courteous and considerate, and it is indeed a pleasure working with him.  This feeling is held throughout all the city offices that Al comes in contact with.  He delivers what he promises.

Larry Larsen

City Planner

I have the highest regard for Al’s company and for him as an individual.  He has built a number of homes in my development and every project has gone as planned.  Al is an excellent businessperson and a man of high moral character.  I trust Al in all dealings.

Pete C. Kuyper


Mr. Albano is an exceptional homebuilder. His attention to detail and quality is unmatched. If you choose Albano Homes, you can trust that you will have an exceptional experience and more importantly, a quality home that your family can enjoy for generations to come.

Amie Streater

Homeowner and Realtor

From the beginning Al made me feel comfortable letting me know that his company could do this for me and within my budget.  Al worked closely with me to get me going, meeting with me whenever I had questions.  The build went very smoothly and was completed within a timely fashion.

Judy Chipman


This is to express our appreciation for the workmanship Albano Homes put into the house we recently purchased.  We have been pleased not only with the “fit and finish”, but also with the design of the house.  Both from our own investigations and from the comments of friends, we feel we got a lot of house for the money.

Chuck Dahle


We have all enjoyed a good working relationship with Al Albano.  All construction projects have been handled in a proficient manner and paid as-agreed.  All of our direct experience with Mr. Albano, from both borrowing and depository position, have been excellent, with his overall relationship being handled in an exemplary manner.

Charles A. Oaks